Visiting Scholars Program

The Havens Center runs a graduate seminar each semester in conjunction with its Visiting Scholars Program under the auspices of the Sociology Department. Through the Visiting Scholars Program leading critical theorists from around the world are brought to the University to offer a series of lectures and seminars for a one to two week period. Each Visiting Scholar who is here for a week or more leads one seminar a week for graduate students and faculty, in addition to delivering public lectures.

Graduate students can receive credits for attending VSP lectures through SOC 994.

VSP Archives

We are currently working on getting these archives up-to-date, with the relevant suggested readings and audio files attached. [ You can browse the audio archives here ]

DateNamesort iconTheme
October 2013Gasland 2
October 2013Terms and Conditions May Apply
October 2013Shadows of Liberty
October 2013The Human Scale
November 2013More Than Honey
November 2013The House I Live In
April 2014Harvest of Loneliness: The Bracero Program
April 2014The State of Arizona
April 2014Connected by Coffee
April 2014Who is Dyani Cristal
February 2015If You Build It
April 2016Silenced
April 2016THE BAD KIDS
April 2016THE BAD KIDS
October 2016"Keep the Camera Rolling No Matter What" (Masterclass) + "War on Trial" (Film Screening)
February 2017Sugar Coated
February 2017Do Not Resist
March 2017The True Cost
March 2017Seed: The Untold Story
March 2017The Occupation of the American Mind
June 20132013 Conference of the Working Class Studies Association Fighting Forward! A Labor and Working Class Summit
March 1990A.W. SinghamNamibian Independence: A Global Victory
November 2002Abram de SwaanThe World Language System
March 2017Adam MortonGlobal Capitalism, Global War, Global Crisis
April 1998Adam SwiftMobility, Meritocracy and Justice
October 2016Adela LiconaConsidering the World-Making Possibilities of Wild Refractions
October 1984Agnes HellerRationality and Justice
December 2014Alain BadiouPhilosophy & the Contemporary World
March 1993Alan CarlingDifference, Equality, and Choice
March 1984Alec NoveDilemmas of Reform in State Socialism
November 2011Alejandra JuárezImmigrant & Workers' Rights: The Occupy Movement in California
October 2000Alejandro BendanaGlobalization at Work: The Case of Nicaragua
November 1990Alessandro GualaThe Changing Italian Community Party: Empirical Research in Turin
March 1995Alex WillinghamThe Civil Rights Movement and Identity Politic
April 1991Alexandrina Sobreira de MouraResearch on Social Movements in Brazil
October 2004Alf HornborgWorld-System Perspectives On Societal Development In Anthropology & Archaeology
February 1999Allan Luke An Immodest Proposal: Reinventing Nation and Identity Through Education
April 1989Amber Hollibaugh and Douglas CrimpAIDS Spoken Here: Struggling Against the Fear, The Epidemic, The Stigma
March 2003Amirta BasuThe Many Faces of Women's Activism
April 2002Amy DeanRenewing Democracy, Revitalizing our Communities: Labor's Call for Sharing Prosperity in the New Economy
April 2010Amy DeanA New New Deal
April 2003Amy Mazur & Dorothy StetsonWomen's Movements in Europe and North America: Political Challenges and State Responses
March 1999Amy Stuart Wells Critical Policy Analysis: A Focus on Charter Schools
October 1989Andrei MarkovitsThe Greens as a Post-Industrial and West German Phenomenon
February 2001Andrew AratoCivil Society and Democracy
April 2000Andrew HewittSoft Fascism
November 1997Ann MarkusenWhy is the Post Cold War Dividend So Ephemeral
October 2009Antwi AkomGreening the Globe
November 1993Ari SitasClass, Race & Ethnicity in South African Social Movements
October 1989Aris AccorneroChanging Technologies, Changing Work: Scenarios for the 1990s
November 2010Arlie HochschildThe Market Frontier
April 2005Ashis Nandy“ The Savage Freud: Further Remarks on Possible and Retrievable Selves"
September 2000Atilio BoronPointing North, Heading South: The Story of Neo-Liberal Restructuring in Latin America
October 1999Barbara EhrenreichCarnivals, Revolutions, and Revivals: The Lost Tradition of Collective Ecstasy
October 2014Barbara EhrenreichHavens Center Award For Lifetime Contribution To Critical Scholarship
February 2002Barry BluestoneExploring Models of Economic Growth and Social Equity
February 2001Bill FletcherThe U.S. Labor Movement Today: Challenges, Obstacles, and Opportunities
December 2008Bill Fletcher, Jr.Solidarity Divided: The Crisis in Organized Labor and a New Path Toward Social Justice
February 2015Bill GallegosThe Strategic Role of Oppressed Communities of Color: Lessons from the Environmental Justice Movement
November 2011Boaventura de Sousa SantosThe Epistemologies of the South: Reinventing Social Emancipation
September 1990Boaventura SantosState and Economy in Semiperiphery: Portugal in the 1990s
March 2002Bob JessopGoverning the New Economy: Problems and Prospects
September 1987Bob JessopState Power and Political Strategy
November 1992Bob SutcliffeImperialism, Alive or Dead?
March 1990Boris KagarlitskyPerestroika & the Dialectics of Change
October 2007Boris KagarlitskyRussian politics in historic context
February 2015Boris KagarlitskyRussia and the Global Crisis
March 2015Brittney CooperRacial Justice and the Pleasures of Resistance: Toward New Theory, Genealogies, and Methods
March 1991Bruce CummingsCompeting Explanations for the Economic Success of the Newly Industrializing Countries
June 2016Building the Social Justice UniversityForward 2016
April 1999Cameron McCarthyThe Uses of Culture: Canon Formation, Postcolonial Literature and the Multicultural Project
June 2015Camp Upham Woods, June 5-7, 2015FORWARD 2015: A SUMMIT FOR SOCIAL CHANGE
March 1999Carlos Torres The Politics of Education: Comparative Perspectives
April 2001Carmen Sirianni & Harry Boyte Civic Engagement: Lessons of the Last Generation
March 2012Charles PostThe American Road to Capitalism
September 2009Charles W. MillsRacial Inequality
October 2004Cheryl GilkesMy Mother's God is Mine: Women's Voices and the Creation of the African American Sacred
November 2005Chris BertramGlobal Justice: Democracy, Sufficiency and Capability
May 2002Chris Candland"Trading Rights: How are International Labor Standards Established?"
March 2014Chris CrassAnti-racist Organizing, Feminist Praxis and Movement Building Strategy
September 1989Claude MeillasouxApproaches to Social Reproduction
September 2011Claus OffeHow States Govern: Policy Making in Capitalist Democracies
April 2015Colin GordonTHE FIRE THIS TIME
April 2012Costas LapavitsasThe Origins of the European Economic Crisis
March 2014Cristina BeltránLatino Conservatives: Thoughts on Race, Democracy, and the Right
April 2011Crystal Feimster & Danielle McGuireTo Gain Title to our Bodies: Race, Rape and Resistance from the Civil War to the Civil Rights Movement
October 1992Cynthia EnloeWomen & Men After the Cold War
March 2008Cynthia Mildred DuncanPoverty, Opportunity, and Place
November 2003Dan Clawson"Labor Unions in Crisis: The Collapse of the New Deal System and the Emerging Alternatives"
March 2011Dana CloudSexuality & Socialism: Mobilizing a Radical Past for Liberation in the Present
February 1984Daniel BertauxBiography and Society
April 2012Darryl HolterWoody Guthrie in Los Angeles, 1937-1941
October 2003David GarlandThe Culture of Control: American Penality in Sociological Perspective
November 2001David GillbornRacism and Anti-Racism in Educational Policy and Practice
April 1991David HarveySocialist Perspectives on Space, Place, & Environment
October 2000David HarveyGeographical Knowledge, Political Power, and Global Governance
November 2010David HarveyThe Dialectics of Social Change
April 2004David LaitinRationality and Culture
September 2010David McNallyGlobal Crisis, Global Justice: Human Needs, the Market System, & Social Alternatives
April 2014David MeggyesySports, Labor and Social Justice
May 1997David MontejanoOn the Future of Anglo-Mexican Relations in the U.S. Southwest
November 1995David RoedigerThe Historical Construction of Race and Racism in the US
September 2009Dawn-Elissa FischerHip Hop, Race and Politics
April 2002Dean BakerRethinking the Economy: New and Old
October 1993Deborah KingThe Rhythms & Piecework of African American Womanhood
March 1998Debra SatzEquality of What and Between Whom?
February 2012Deepa KumarIslamophobia and the Politics of Empire
April 2017Deepa KumarConstructing the Terrorist Threat: Islamophobia, the Media, & the War on Terror
September 2009Diane ElsonGender Dimensions of the Global Financial Crisis
November 2013Dmytro KhutkyyParticipatory Democracy
September 2008Dorian T. WarrenRace, Labor and the New Economy: Political Responses to Inequality in the 21st Century
March 1995Doris Maria TijerinoColliding Visions: The Sandinista Debate over Political Identity and Economic Program
April 2013Dorothy RobertsFatal Invention: The New Biopolitics of Race
October 1993Dorothy SmithThe Out of Body Experience: Contradictions for Feminism
March 1996Douglas KellnerNew Technologies and Cultural Activism
April 2011Duncan FoleySocialist Alternatives to Capitalism
May 2013Eduardo GaleanoAward for Lifetime Contribution to Critical Scholarship
March 2014Eleni VarikasHannah Arendt, Rosa Luxemburg & the Question of Plurality
April 2014Elizabeth Anderson The Struggle for Free Labor
April 2005Emily MartinBipolar Expeditions: Toward an Antropology of Moods
November 1995Eric FonerThe Historical Construction of Race and Racism in the US
September 2006Ernst FehrHuman Nature & Social Norms: Neuro-Biological & Sociological Perspectives
October 2001Evelyn Nakano GlennUnequal Freedom: Race and Gender in the Shaping of American Citizenship and Labor
October 1989Feroz AhmadContemporay Trends in Islamic Fundamentalism
February 1991Frances Fox PivenPolitical Participation in the U.S.
November 2004Frances Fox PivenElections and Protest Movements in the Struggle for Democracy
November 1990Francisco LealPolitical Problems of Colombia in the 1990's
February 1997Frank BonillaChanging the Americas from Within the United States
September 1999Fred BlockFrom AFDC to Structural Adjustment: The Shared Logics of Neo-Liberal Reform
March 1998G.A. CohenEgalitarian Justice and Personal Choice
April 2013Gar AlperovitzWhat Then Must We Do?
April 2013Gary SeguraDimensions of Disadvantage: News from the Front in both the Class and Culture Wars
November 1996Geoff WhittyState Control and Market Forces: Twin Threats to Democracy in Education?
March 2014George LakoffNeural Politics
April 1997George SánchezBorder Crossing in the Age of Nation
April 2011George SanchezMultiracial Communities in the US: The Case of Boyle Heights
April 1991Gerald ShermanIssues in Community Development & Organization
October 1997Giovanni ArrighiThe Perspective of the World
April 2007Glenda GilmoreThe U.S. South, the Nation, and the World, 1919-1949
October 1992Goran TherbornRoutes Through Modernity
November 1986Goran TherbornStates, Classes and Contemporary Advanced Capitalisms
October 2011Göran TherbornPower and Capital Revisited: The Ruling Class 34 Years Later
April 2006Greg WilpertWhere is Venezuela Heading?
July 2012Gregg MuttittOil, Politics, & Unions in Occupied Iraq
April 2002Guenther RothThe Fortunes of the Cosmopolitan Bourgeoisie: A Weberian Tale
November 2011Guy StandingThe Precariat: The New Dangerous Class
October 2006Harriet FriedmannScaling up: Bringing public institutions and food service corporations into the project for a local, sustainable food system
April 1988Harriet FriedmannThe Political Economy of Food
February 2013Heather Ann ThompsonMass Incarceration in America
March 1987Heidi HartmanWomen and Economic Autonomy
March 1990Heinz Klug & Gay SeidmanSouth Africa: The Politics of Transition
April 2012Helen Caldicott, MD “If You Love this Planet: A Plan to Save the Earth”
October 1989Helen SafaGender & International Development
April 2003Hilkka PietilaGlobal and Local Feminism
April 1993Hillary WainwrightSocial Movement Politics: Does It Offer an Alternative
March 2006Houzan MahmoudIraq: Military Occupation, Terrorism and the Violation of Women's Rights
February 2002Huberto Juarez"Greenfields Rebellion": The Apparel Workers of Kukdong, Puebla, Mexico
November 2013Ian Haney LópezDog Whistle Politics: How Coded Racial Appeals Have Reinvented Racism and Wrecked the Middle Class
July 1987Ian RoxboroughCapitalism, Labor and Democracy in Latin America
November 2011Ilan PappéPalestine: Past, Present and Future
December 2009Ingrid RobeynsSocial Justice and the Family
May 2007Ira KatznelsonOn Jim Crow and the Liberal Tradition
July 1985Ira KatznelsonMarxism and the City
March 1993Issa ShivjiAfrica: Moves to Democracy or Democratic Movement
April 2014Jacques BidetFoucault, Marx and the Project of Human Emancipation
March 2017Jamala Rogers"Why Dismantling Racism is Central to Democracy"
October 2013James ScottHilldale Lecture
November 1998Jamie PeckBetween Welfare and Work: Workfare Strategies and Contingent Labor Markets
April 1993Jan KavanThe Legacy of Totalitarianism and the Rise of the New Authoritarianisms
April 2016Jane KleebThe Enbridge Tarsands Invasion
October 2015Jane MansbridgeThe Case for Coercion
October 2001Jane SlaughterThe Globalization of Lean Production: Stories from Detriot, Guatemala and elsewhere
February 1996Jean FrancoCultural Wars: Struggles over Interpretation and Meaning
September 2009Jeff Chang & Marc Anthony NealGetting Real: The Future of Hip Hop Scholarship
March 1989Jens AlberCrisis and Stability in Germany
November 2007Joan MandellDoes Anyone Really Want Peace in the Middle East?
April 1990Joan ScottRethinking the History of Women's Work
November 1990Joe BeinenThe Current Crisis in the Middle East
April 1996Joe SaccoRound-Table Discussion. Subversive Frames: The Art of Political Comix
April 2010Joel AndreasRevolution, Reform & Class Transformation in China
February 1995Johanna BrennerAt the Race/Class/Gender Intersection: Questions fro Feminist Theory & Politics
April 2012John AtlasFighting Inequality, Poverty and the Concentration of Wealth
October 2002John Baker and Kathleen LynchEquality from Theory to Action
February 2014John BarryThe Politics and Political Economy of a Post-growth Economy
April 1987John Roemer and G.A. CohenSelf Ownership, Public Ownership and Equality
March 2007John Ross"Making Another World Possible" Book Tour
October 2014Jon Shelton“Against the Public”: Teachers, Unions, and the Decline of Labor-Liberalism in the 1970s
September 2016Jordan T. CampPolicing the Planet: Why the Policing Crisis Led to Black Lives Matter
September 1998José CasanovaThe Transformation of Catholicism and Globalization
October 2009Joseph Ewoodzie, Katrina Flores, Chris Walker, & Damon WilliamsThe Future of Hip Hop Studies at UW-Madison
November 2009Joseph SchlossB-Boy Ethnography: Theory, Character and the Deep Principles of Hip Hop
May 2014Josh LernerMaking Democracy Fun
November 2016Joshua CloverThe Future of Struggle: The Changing Repertoires of Collective Action
September 2012Joy JamesCyborgs & Criminals in the Features of Democracy
October 1990Juan Antonio CandrayEducation Under Fire in El Salvador
April 1997Juan FloresThe Latino Imaginary: Dimensions of Community and Identity
September 1996Judith StaceyIn the Name of the Family: Rethinking Family Values in a Postmodern Age
April 2004Julia AdamsUtilitarianism Goes Po-Mo
March 2003Julia SzalaiIssues of Class, Gender, and Race after the Collapse of Communism
April 1994Julie GrahamThe End of Capitalism (As We Know It)
April 2002Julie GrahamAdventures in Post-Capitalist Politics
September 2008Julie GuthmanConfronting the Sacred Cows of Food Politics
February 1996Juliet SchorToward a New Critique of American Consumerism
February 2017Kali AkunoJackson Rising: The Struggle for Economic Democracy & Black Self-Determination in Jackson, MS
April 2010Kanishka GoonewardenaWhither Urban Theory?
October 2013Karen FieldsRacecraft: An Elemental Form of American Life
September 2012Karl SchlögelThe Transformation of Cultural Spaces
April 1994Katherine GibsonThe End of Capitalism (As We Know It)
November 2000Kathleen BleeOrganizing Racism
September 2013Kent WongThe Fight For Immigrant Rights And The U.S. Labor Movement
December 1990Keyan & Ruth TomaselliMediating Mandela, Modifying Apartheid: The Press and Social Struggle in South Africa
January 1991Konstanty GilbertPoland's Transition to Democracy
April 1990Krzysztof Gorlach"Embourgeoisment" in Poland Rural Society in Transition
November 1987Laurent ThevenotCodes for Actions: Politics of Classification and Group Formation
October 2009Lavie RavenGraffiti Art
December 1990Lee Gordon & Wendy WeickerThe Israeli Opposition
April 1989Leo PanitchSocialism, Class, and Party
September 2015Leo PanitchEurope versus Greece
November 2010Leon FinkThe Labor & Working Class Studies Project presents
March 2002Leslie SalzingerMaking 'Cheap Labor': Genders in Production in Mexico's Global Factories
April 2016Lina MosesNo Regrets Epidemic Response: Making People Matter
November 2003Linda SmithIndigenous Activism: Decolonizing Institutions
October 1998Linda StoutBuilding A Winning Movement For Progressive Social Change
March 2010Liza Featherstone & Doug HenwoodCANCELLED
February 2011Liza Featherstone & Doug HenwoodPolitics in the Age of Scarcity
February 2007Lois WeisUnequal Outcomes: The Production of Inequality in New Economic Times
November 2002Lucius OutlawUS American Democracy and the Challenges of Racial and Ethnic Diversity
April 2012Mads GilbertEyes in Gaza: What did we see? What can we do?
December 1990Malgor Zata FuszaraWomen's Situation in Poland: Abortion, Employment, and Other Issues
March 1998Marc FleurbaeyEquality and Responsibility
April 2004Margaret LeviThe Lenin Problem: Transforming Economism
April 2001Margaret SomersRomancing the Market, Reviling the State: The Politics and Knowledge of Civil Society and the Public Sphere from Political Econo
April 2000Margaret SomersRomancing the Market, Reviling the State: The Politics of Civil Society and the Public Sphere from Political Economics
December 2005Marguerite Mendell and Nancy NeamtanBuilding a Citizen's Economy: The Quebec Experience
March 1990Maria AlvesPopular Education & the Left in Brazil
March 2006Maria HadjipavlouGender, Social Space and Citizenship in the 21st Century: Building Community in Cyprus, a Divided Country
April 2002Maria Helena Moriera Alves"The Globalization of Labor and Fruit Production in Chile"
March 1997María Patricia Fernández-KellyEthnicity and Gender in the Age of Globalization: The Case of Latinas/Latinos in the United States
May 2014Mark BravermanThe Path to Peace in Israel and Palestine
February 1989Mark TushnetRecent Developments in Constitutional Theory
March 2000Marla StoneFrom the Glories of Empire to the Anxiety of Defeat:Episodes from Italian Fascist Ideology and Culture
September 2008Marta SolerOvercoming Social Inequality
December 1990Martin LeeU.S. Media Coverup of the Gulf Crisis
March 2001Mary RyanWhere is the Public and its Male?
October 1996Masahiko AokiComparative Institutional Analysis
March 2012Matthew SalganikStudying Society in the Internet-era: New Approaches to Social Research
September 2003Maurice ZeitlinMen and Women Make their own Histories, Though not just as they please nor under circumstances they choose
October 2015Max RameauTurning a Moment into a Movement
April 1991Medea BenjaminTalks by Medea Benjamin
April 2015Melissa R. MichelsonContemporary Latino Politics from DREAMers to Voters
September 1997Micaela di LeonardoExotics at Home: Anthropologies, Others, American Modernity
March 2008Michael BurawoyConversations with Pierre Bourdieu
April 2012Michael KazinThe Left in the United States: What Difference Did it Make?
December 2010Michael LöwyEcosocialism: The Radical Alternative
February 2005Michael LynchScience, Law, and Criminal Identity
February 2005Michael LynchScience, Law, and Criminal Identity
April 1984Michael MannClasses and Nation-States In Modern Capitalist Society
February 2016Michael MannCANCELLED for medical reasons
November 2016Michael MannThe Macro-Sociology of War
November 2004Michael ZweigWhat's Class Got to do with It? American Society in the 21st Century
February 2015Michel BauwensCapitalism, Post-Capitalism and Transition Strategies towards a Sustainable and Socially Just P2P Society
April 2016Michel BauwensThe Value Crisis of Cognitive Capitalism
October 1997Mike DavisThe Ecology of Fear
October 2012Miko PeledThe General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine
October 2001Miriam J. WellsLabor-Management Struggles at the Turn of the Century: Global Processes, Local Agency, and the Role of the State
March 2007Ms. George FridayActing for Change in the World: Today's Imperative
April 2006Mustafa Barghouti The Relationship Between Peace & Democracy in the Middle East
February 2017Naika ForoutanPost-migrant Societies: Plural Democracies in Change
May 1991Nancy FolbreThe Logic of Patriarchal Capitalism
February 2011Nancy FolbreThe Feminist Compass
January 1997Nancy FraserSocial Justice in the Age of Identity Politics
February 1989Nancy FraserFeminism, post-Structuralism and Critical Theory
April 2008Nancy KriegerHealth Inequities in the United States: An Ecosocial Perspective
March 2007Nancy MacleanRace and Region in the Making of the Modern Right
April 2000Naoki Sakai "Japanese Imperial Nationalism and the Logic of the Multi-Ethnic Nation"
March 2017Natalie MasuokaShifting Racial Politics in the 21st Century: How Policy Has Created New Racial Fault Lines
September 2005Nicolas LynchBuilding Democracy in Contemporary Peru: Lessons Learned, Challenges and Alternative Perspectives
November 2007Nicole MarwellSpace, Power, and Poverty in the Twenty-first Century City
October 2003Nilufer GöleIslamic Visibilities in Public Spaces
February 2003Nira Yuval-DavisEngendering the Politics of Belonging
April 2010Noam ChomskyChomsky: Award for Lifetime Contribution to Critical Scholarship
March 1997Norma AlarcónThe Materiality of the Letter
February 1990Norma SwensonReproduction Control & Women's Health in Global Perspective
April 1993Orlando PattersonFreedom in the Making of Western Culture: A Symposium
October 2004Pablo LevinThe Political Economy of Transitional Planning
February 2000Paul BrookerFascism, Fraternalism, and Personal Rule
May 1990Paul BuhleThe Left in Madison, Personal Histories
October 2007Paul Buhle & Tom HaydenThe Day that Changed Madison: The "Dow Riot" forty years on
February 1988Paul DiMaggioInstitutional Change in American Art: Culture, Class and Organization, 1860-1985
November 2016Paul Ortiz“A New Origin Narrative”: African American and Latina/o Histories in an Age of Neoliberal Crisis
March 2013Pauline LipmanUrban Education, Neoliberal Responses to Crisis, and Their Contradictions
December 1992Pavel KrotovWhere Have All the Apparathciks Gone? A Case Study of Regional Politics in Russia
October 2013Pedro Cayuqueo40 Years After the Chilean Coup
October 2014Pedro NogueraThe Schools We Need: The Pursuit of Equity and Justice in American Education
April 2003Peg SnyderThe Global Women's Movement: A Truly Global Project
November 1993Peggy PhelanInvestigating Feminist Performance
October 2014Pete RamandAfter the Scottish Independence Referendum
March 2005Peter GalisonThe Assassin of Relativity
October 2014Peter HurstSocial Injustice in the Global Food Chain: Labor Rights & Working Conditions in Agriculture
February 1994Peter WatermanCreating a Global Civil Society: Organization, Communication, & Labor
December 1990Petr MatejuInequality & Stratification in the Transition From Redistributive to Market Economy: The Case of Czechoslovakia
April 1990Philippe Van ParijsWhat, If Anything, is Wrong with Capitalism
February 1986Professor Claus OffeNew Socio-Political Cleavages and Democratic Theory
January 1986Professor Manning MarableRace, Class and Politics
April 1985Professor Maurice ZeitlinClass, State and Capitalist Development: The Case of Chile
November 1987Professor Robert BrennerCrisis, Class Conflict and the State
April 1985Professor Steven LukesRethinking the Concept of Power
September 1986Professor Stuart HallThe Problem of Ideology: Marxism Without Guarantees
September 1987Professor Teodore ShaninPeasantry and its Transformation: The Russian Revolution
October 2009Rachel RaimistHip Hop Feminism
March 2014Rev. William Barber IIThe Labor & Working Class Studies Project Presents
April 1998Richard ArnesonJustice: Talents and Responsibility
March 2004Richard BiernackiCulture and Human Action
October 2001Richard Delgado and Jean StefancicCritical Race Theory: Legal Origins, New Frontiers
September 2002Richard Delgado and Jean StefancicCritical Race Theory: Legal Origins, New Frontiers
November 2004Richard FloresThe Regrounding of Cultural Analysis
April 1991Richard FreemanThe Evolution of Unionism
October 2003Richard MillerGlobalization, Aid and Empire
December 2002Richard SennettThe Cultural Economy OF Capitalism
March 2013Rick FantasiaAt Work with Bourdieu
March 2010Robert BrennerCancelled
September 2005Robert Connell Globalization, Gender, and Social Theory
September 1998Robert E. GoodinReal Worlds of Welfare Capitalism
November 2003Robert FiskReporting the Middle East
October 2003Robert Pollin"Tax Cuts for the Rich and Military Keynesianism: Enough to Bail Bush Out of the Post-Bubble Slump?"
November 2013Robert WadeWho Counts? Inclusion in Global (Economic) Politics, Exclusion in National Politics
October 2013Roderick WattsLiberation Studies North: Getting U.S. up to Speed
April 1991Rodolfo StagenhavenHuman Rights in Latin America
April 2001Rogers SmithPlural Identities and Civic Loyalties
March 2007Rose BrewerOn Intersectionalities, Diasporas, and Inequalities
March 1988Ruth MilkmanWomen and Labor
September 2009S. Craig WatkinsBeing Digital, Being Hip Hop
April 2015Sam GindinPolitics with Sober Senses: Conditions for Labor Renewal
November 1990Sam ValenzuelaLabor Movements in Transitions to Democracy
October 2010Samuel FarberTowards an Understanding of the Cuban Revolution
April 2005Sandra HardingWomen, Science, and Modernity
October 1998Sara LennoxWhat's Left in The Academy
February 2008Sarah IgoToward an Intellectual History of "Ordinary Americans"
October 1999Saskia SassenGlobalization of Politics
December 2008Saskia SassenHaller Distinguished Lectureship Series
October 2016Satnam VirdeeRace, Class and the Making of Postcolonial Britain
May 2007Saul Escobar ToledoMexico, the U.S., and the Left in Latin America
April 2017Shanara Reid-BrinkleyBlack Radical Politicking: Anti-Blackness, Youth, and Debating in Civil Society
April 2005Sheila JasanoffDesigns on Nature: The Politics of Biotechnology in Europe and the United States
July 1985Sheila RowbothamDemocracy, Needs and the State
November 2005Si Kahn and Elizabeth Minnich“The Fox in the Henhouse: How Privatization Threatens Democracy”
November 1990Sister Mary Bernard NcubeNegotiations & Civil Conflict in South Africa
April 2003Sonia AlvarezLatin American Feminisms' Movements Into the 21st Century
October 1996Stanley AronowitzLabor and Education in the 21st Century
October 2015Stanley AronowitzOn Political and Cultural Subjectivity
February 1999Stephen Ball Policy Sociology: Critical and Postmodern Perspectives on Education Policy
March 2011Stephen BallGlobal Education Policy and the Neo-liberal Imaginary
April 2012Stephen LernerFrom Wisconsin to Wall Street: Challenging the Power of the Super Rich
October 1999Stephen SteinbergSocial Science, Ideology, and the Study of "Race Relations"
October 2000Steven CornellCulture Econimic Development, and American Indian Nations
October 2001Steven SeidmanTolerated but Not Equal: Gay Life After the Closet
April 1993Stuart EwenPublic Relations and Public Life
September 2009Stuart WhiteUniversal Capital Grants and Social Justice
September 2011Sujata PatelSociology and Colonial Modernity
March 2012Sujatha FernandesImagining a Post-Neoliberal World: Culture and Social Movements
October 1995Sylvia WynterHistorical Construction or Cultural Code? Race, the Local Culture of the West and the Origins of the Modern World
January 2000T. M. Thomas IsaacDecentralized Planning: Experience of the Kerala People's Campaign
October 2007Tariq AliAxis of Hope: Latin America on the March
October 2017Tariq Ali1917-2017: Wars & Revolutions
October 2012THAVOLIA GLYMPHRosa’s War: Enslaved Women & the Battle for Freedom & Democracy in the Civil War
October 1986Theda SkocpolAmerica's Welfare State in Historical and Theoretical Perspective
October 2001Thenjiwe MtintsoCapitalism, Patriarchy and Apartheid: Understanding the Links
April 2014Thomas Ferguson Money in American Politics: Theory, History, and Evidence
April 2002Thomas FrankTitle unknown
October 2014Thomas Pegelow KaplanNaming Genocide
May 1991Thomas WalkerU.S. Foreign Relations in Central America
October 2002Tom Hayden"Saving Democracy from Globalization and from the War on Terror"
May 2012Tom Hayden & Carl Davidson50th Anniversary of the Port Huron Statement
November 1999Tom MayerTowards a Theory of Class Dynamics
November 2012TOMMIE SHELBYInjustice, Dissent, & the Dark Ghetto
September 2008Uriel LeviatanThe Transformation of the Kibbutzim: Lessons for the Sustainability of Utopian Communities
February 1991Utsa PatnaikThe Peasantry & Industrialization
October 1990Valentin PogosinHistory of Relations Between the Iraqi Ba'ath Party & the USSR
April 1987Veronica BeecheyGender and Work
May 2011Vivek ChibberSocialism & the Global South: Retrospect & Prospect
October 1990Wade RathkeACORN: Grassroots Community Organizing in the 1990s
September 2015Walden BelloPower & Principle: Progressives & Coalition Politics in the Philippines
October 1990Walt BresetteTreaties and the Environment
October 2005Walter JohnsonSlavery, Freedom, and Imperialism
November 1989Walter KorpiSocial Change in 18 Western Nations
June 2017Where do we Go from Here? Understanding the Current Crisis & Building Social Justice in the Midwest. June 2-3, Edgewood CollegeForward 2017
November 2006William GamsonThe Art of Reframing Political Debates
November 2009William Jelani CobbHip Hop and American History
March 2004Wolfgang SchluchterThe Place of Rationality in Sociological Theory
April 2014Wolfgang Streeck The Crises of Democratic Capitalism
February 2003Yakin ErturkParadoxical Identities: Status of Women in Turkey
September 1989Yash GhaiThe Role of Constitutions in Newly Emerging Nations
October 2010Yochai BenklerNetworks of Power, Degrees of Freedom
July 2013Yves CabannesDecember 3-5
December 2013Yves Cabannes“Another city is possible!” Alternatives to the City as a Commodity
November 1990Zbigniew ZuziakPlanning and Transition: Political Impacts on Urban Form in Cracow, Poland