"Saving Democracy from Globalization and from the War on Terror"

Tom Hayden
"Saving Democracy from Globalization and from the War on Terror"
October 3, 2002, 8:00PM, 1100 Grainger
"Reflections on IRISH ON THE INSIDE"
October 4, 2002, 12:00PM, University Club
Seminar on the Sixties
October 4, 2002, 2:00PM, Curti Lounge

As Jeremi Suri has noted, Tom Hayden is "one of the most influential and recognized activists of the 1960s. As an undergraduate at the University of Michigan, he composed the 'agenda for a generation' that became a guiding charter for Students for a Democratic Society. He directed an anti-poverty project in Newark, New Jersey, protested the Vietnam War, and stood trial for disrupting the 1968 Democratic Convention. Since the 1960s, Hayden has served in the California legislature, married and divorced Jane Fonda, and become involved in the peace process in Northern Ireland." His most recent books include IRISH HUNGER: PERSONAL REFLECTIONS ON THE LEGACY OF THE FAMINE (an important collection of essays which he edited in 1997) and IRISH ON THE INSIDE, published last year by Verso Press.