Acting for Change in the World: Today's Imperative

Ms. George Friday
Thursday March 15, 7pm, 335 Pyle Center, 702 Langdon Street

George Friday is the National Coordinator of the Independent Progressive Politics Network and a co-chair of United for Peace and Justice. She is a native North Carolinian where she says barbecuing, college basketball and NASCAR are required devotions. She attended UNC Chapel Hill and graduated in 1982 with BA degrees in Political Science, Economics and African American Studies. Most of her early career was spent organizing in low income white, African-American, and Native communities.


George feels strongly that her work is informed by her vision of justice and that the most effective and transformative organizing is best done in the context of relationships. This is demonstrated in her nearly 25 years of volunteer and professional efforts to bring equity to marginalized communities, build capacity among constituencies that have little experience accessing resources and garnering power for change, and assisting non-profit allies to build systems and structures to meet the growing needs of their constituencies. George has served on the boards of the Grassroots Policy Project, the Center for Voting and Democracy, the New World Foundation and the Economic Human Rights Project. She has also served on the Advisory Committee of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development and is honored to serve as one of three co-chairs for United for Peace and Justice. A big music lover with a range of tastes, George enjoys southern rock and roll, punk, reggae, country, hip hop and the Grateful Dead, a band which George firmly believes is in a class of its own.