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The Transformation of the Kibbutzim: Lessons for the Sustainability of Utopian Communities

Co-sponsored by the UW Global Studies Program
Uriel Leviatan
"Socioeconomic Inequality, Social Capital, and Wellbeing in Kibbutz Communities"
Tuesday, October 28, 4 pm, 206 Ingraham Hall
"The Transformation of Kibbutzim in Israel: Process, Causes, and Outcomes"
Wednesday, October 29, 4 pm, 8417 Social Sciences Building
Public Seminar
Thursday, October 30, 12:20 pm, 8108 Social Sciences Building

URIEL LEVIATAN (Ph.D., Organizational Psychology, University of Michigan) is a past director of the Institute for Social Research of the Kibbutz and Professor of Sociology & Anthropology at the University of Haifa, Israel. He has been a member of Kibbutz Ein Hamifratz for many years where he held various central leadership positions, including the offices of General Secretary and Finance Manager. His current research interests focus on organizational behavior and functioning, kibbutzim, and social gerontology.  He is the author or co-author of dozens of articles and book chapters, as well as three books, including Crisis in the Israeli Kibbutz: Meeting the Challenge of Changing Times (Praeger, 1998).