Tag: Social Theory

Globalization, Gender, and Social Theory

Robert Connell
“Men, masculinities and gender justice in global context”
Tuesday September 13th 2005, 206 Ingraham, 4PM
“The northern theory of globalization: a critique from the far south”
Wednesday September 14th 2005, 206 Ingraham, 4pm
Seminar for students and faculty
12:20pm Thursday September 15th 2005 8108 Social Sciences

R.W.Connell is University Professor of Education at the University of Sydney, formerly at the University of California-Santa Cruz and Macquarie University. Professor Connell is a researcher and theorist concerned with human experience, social dynamics, social justice and peace. He is the author of sixteen books, including Gender (Cambridge, Polity, 2002), The Men and the Boys (Berkeley, University of California Press, 2000), Masculinities (Berkeley, University of California Press, 1995), Schools and Social Justice (Philadelphia, Temple University Press, 1993), and Gender and Power (Stanford, Stanford University Press, 1987).