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Urban Education, Neoliberal Responses to Crisis, and Their Contradictions

Pauline Lipman
“Education and urban crises: coercive neoliberalism and the politics of disposability”
Tuesday, March 5, 4pm, 206 Ingraham Hall
“Dimensions of an emergent counter-hegemony in education: Reflections on Chicago”
Wednesday, March 6, 4pm, 206 Ingraham Hall
Open Seminar for Students, Faculty and Public
Thursday, March 7, 12:20pm, 8108 Social Science

PAULINE LIPMAN is professor of Educational Policy Studies and Director of the Collaborative for Equity and Justice in Education at the University of Illinois-Chicago. Her teaching, research, and activism grow out of her commitment to social justice and liberation. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on race and class inequality in education, globalization, and political economy of urban education, particularly the inter-relationship of education policy, urban restructuring, and the politics of race. Pauline is the author of numerous journal articles, book chapters, and policy reports. Her newest book, The New Political Economy of Urban Education: Neoliberalism, Race, and the Right to the City (Routledge, 2011), argues that education is integral to neoliberal economic and spatial urban restructuring and its class and race inequalities and exclusions as well as to the potential for a new, radically democratic economic and political social order. Her previous book, High Stakes Education and Race, Class and Power in School Restructuring, received American Education Studies Association, Critics Choice Awards. In 2011, she received the American Education Research Association Distinguished Contribution to Social Contexts in Education Research, Lifetime Achievement Award.


Russia and the Global Crisis

The Havens Center Spring 2015 Visiting Scholars Program presents
Boris Kagarlitsky
“Russia and the Global Crisis”
Thursday, February 19, 4pm, Inn Wisconsin (2nd floor), UW Memorial Union

BORIS KAGARLITSKY is Director of the Institute of Globalization and Social Movements in Moscow and a well-known international commentator on Russian politics and society. Kagarlitsky was co-ordinator of the Moscow People's Front between '88 and '90, and also advised the Workers' Committee of Prokpievsk and Karaganda during this period. He was a deputy to the Moscow City Soviet between 1990-93, during which time he was a member of the executive of the Socialist Party of Russia, co-founder of the Party of Labour, and advisor to the Chairperson of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia.  Previously, he was a student of art criticism and was imprisoned for two years for 'anti-Soviet' activities. His books include Empire of the Periphery: Russia and the World System, Russia Under Yeltsin And Putin: Neo-Liberal Autocracy, New Realism, New Barbarism: The Crisis of Capitalism, and most recently, From Empires to Imperialism: The State and the Rise of Bourgeois Civilisation.