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Jan 1 2008 - 12:00am

SOC 994: Visiting Scholars Program credits

Students can earn credit by attending Visiting Scholars Program lectures and seminars. Graduate students have the option of registering for Sociology 994 (colloquium in Critical Sociology) for either graded or ungraded credit (s/u). UNDERGRADUATE students MUST take the course for GRADED credit.

The seminar is organized very flexibly, so students can take from one to three credits in a term, depending on the number of visiting scholars during that term. Students may decide at any point which lecture and seminar series to attend for credit, and it is possible to register for credits at any point in the semester. Students can also accumulate credits over the span of two semesters, up to a maximum of three credits.

For UNGRADED CREDIT, students are required to attend lectures and seminars and do the readings provided by the visiting scholar. To earn ONE UNGRADED CREDIT, a student is expected to attend TWO WEEKS of lectures and seminars.  

*Students are required to attend all lectures and seminars. To earn ONE GRADED CREDIT, a student is expected to attend THREE WEEKS of lectures and seminars.
*Students are required to write a short memo (5-10 pages) for each of the visiting scholars.
*The memos should raise important and engaging issues and questions, based on the readings provided by the visiting scholar (these readings will be made available on the Havens Center website:
*Students are expected to be prepared to discuss these issues and questions with the visiting scholar and the other seminar participants during the seminar itself.
*The memos are to be completed by noon on Monday of the week of the visiting scholar's visit and should be sent to Patrick Barrett (, and they will also be made available to the visiting scholar.

The lineup of visiting scholars is available on the Havens Center website. The locations of the lectures and seminars are listed there, and the readings will be available there as well.

To register, contact Patrick Barrett (, indicating how many credits you intend to enroll for and whether you will be taking the course for graded credit or ungraded credit.

For more information about Sociology 994 contact Patrick Barrett at 262-0854 or