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Margaret Levi: "Inducing Preferences within Organizations: The Case of Unions" | Havens Center

Margaret Levi: "Inducing Preferences within Organizations: The Case of Unions"

    Margaret Levi is the Jere L. Bacharach Professor of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Washington, Seattle. She has written extensively on the bases for and effects of trustworthy governance. Her publications include Bureaucratic Insurgency: The Case of Police Unions (Lexington:1977); Of Rule and Revenue (University of California Press, 1988); Consent, Dissent, and Patriotism (Cambridge University Press, 1997); The Limits of Rationality (University of Chicago, 1990), co-edited with Karen S. Cook; Governance and Trust (Russell Sage, 1998), co-edited with Valerie Braithwaite. In progress is a co-authored volume with Karen Cook and Russell Hardin, building on a multi-year Russell Sage Foundation project on trust. Concurrently, she is working on a range of issues having to do with labor unions and with global justice campaigns. Professor Levi is currently the president-elect of the American Political Science Association.