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Yves Cabannes: "Yves Cabannes: Communal and Collective Forms of Land Tenure and the Right to Housing"148676
Yves Cabannes: "Yves Cabannes: Local and Complementary Currencies & Their Role in Radical Urban Transformation"99541
Ian Haney Lopez: "“Dog Whistle POLITICS”"33865
Robert Wade: "“The Costs of Inequality: Capitalism and Democracy at Cross-Purposes”"37552
Roderick Watts: "“Raising The Love Child of Liberation Studies and Activism: Just Practice”"22373
Roderick Watts: "“Sociopolitical Development: It’s not just for Activists Anymore”"27484
Karen Fields: "“Soul and Race in Everyday Rituals of America Life”"50513
Karen Fields: ""Durkheim and Du Bois: 'The Idea of Race and the Idea of Soul'""70987
Kent Wong: "Immigration Reform and the Immigrant Youth Movement"28667
Kent Wong: "Organizing Immigrant Workers"29467
Heather Thompson: "“Distorting Democracy: Rethinking Politics and Power in the Age of Mass Incarceration”"39554
Pauline Lipman: "Dimensions of an emergent counter-hegemony in education: Reflections on Chicago"39594
Pauline Lipman: "“Education and urban crises""542083
Rick Fantasia: "Labor Solidarity: From Social Drama to Practical Myth"44491
Rick Fantasia: "Reign of le Terroir: French Gastronomy in the Age of Neo-Liberalism"23445
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